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These Are The Three Ingredients For Success in Forex Trading

Forex Strategies

We help you uncover strategies that can work with your unique personality, test these Forex Trading Strategies and gain confidence in using them on a daily basis.

Psychology Mastery

Get tools and resources to be a Trading Psychology Ninja. This is the biggest key to trading success and by far, the hardest to master. Welcome to the dojo.

Trading Community

Trading is a lonely endeavor. Having positive support and inspiration can help. Join the Trading Heroes Community and connect with cool traders from around the world.



Why Learn Foreign Exchange Trading?

There are several different markets that you can trade, but we specialize Forex because it provides advantages that you cannot get in stocks, futures, ETFs and options.

You can benefit from lower transaction costs, a more liquid market, flexible trading hours and the opportunity to trade smaller amounts of capital with lower risk.

But above all else, we think the Forex market is the most fun. So if you enjoy it like we do, we hope you will join us on the journey.





Busting the "Simple Trading System" Myth

Becoming a successful trader takes hard work. You can't just learn one trading idea over the weekend and expect to be consistently profitable on Monday.

You will need to change your mindset, change your daily habits, find mentors and set goals that drive you.

Trading Heroes is dedicated to helping you find the most efficient ways to reach your trading goals.





Swing Trading Focused

We like Swing Trading best because we aren't forced to sit in front of our screens for hours a day. It is perfect if you are still working a day job or if you want to create more free time to travel, spend time with your family, or train to be a F1 driver.

Of course, we are always super stoked to find any profitable trading strategy and will share day trading and long-term trading strategies once in awhile too.





Learn Directly From Professional Traders and Industry Experts

Listen in as we interview pro traders and industry experts who can help you trade better and live better.

Get real talk about trading for a living and much more! Find out what traders really had to go through to get to where they are now and find out how they overcame their biggest obstacles.



Big Sack Included

If you want to become a consistently profitable Forex trader, then join us on the quest for better trading and even better living.

Get FREE access to Basecamp inside Trading Heroes Academy, which includes a free Trader's Rucksack.

It's a virtual rucksack, filled with stuff that you can actually use on your trading journey, like free courses and indicators. We are updating it all the time, so find what's inside the current Standard Issue Rucksack by joining our community of friendly traders right now.