The Pros and Cons of Trading Forex


I was fortunate enough to have a reader email me on one of my previous posts. He shared with me a list that he created when he first got into Forex trading that outlines the pros and cons of trading. I thought it was a great list and he agreed to let me share it with you, so check it out and compare it with your own list. He even managed to work in a zombie apocalypse as a reason to trade Forex. Believe me, it’s a valid point.

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Is Forex Still Shady?


Forex is the new kid on the block when it comes to retail online trading. Stocks, future and options trading has been around for years, but actually having access to the foreign exchange markets is a relatively recent occurrence. The result has been loose regulation and anyone being able to claim that they are an expert. Laws have been getting stricter, but are the scammers still out there?

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My Review of the MT4i Forex Trading Reports Website


If you are looking for a way to automatically record, graph, slice and dice your Forex trading results, then there are a few free Forex trading log websites on the market. They can save you a lot of time, but a question many people ask is are they any good? In this video review, I show you the ins and outs of MT4i, one of the bigger free Forex reporting websites and give you my opinion.

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Success is Universal, What We Can Learn From Jay-Z


Although this post is not directly related to Forex or trading, I think it is important to study success in all forms in order to figure out how to become successful in our chosen field. In fact, I think looking outside the Forex industry gives us a broader perspective and keeps us from falling into the same old cliche advice. Anyway, I thought that this Jay Z video interview was really interesting because it shows what he had to do to achieve rap super-stardom.

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Video Tour of MyFxBook


In this video review, I check out the free Forex trade reporting website MyFxBook. It was created by GFT and makes it super easy to automatically log your trades and get easy to read reports and graphs. You can even add notes and screenshots to each trade. Find out what I thought about it and if it is worth paying for another option or if free really is best.

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