Can TradeInterceptor Replace MetaTrader For Desktop Forex Charting?

Hello everyone, I hope your trading is going well this week.  In my quest to completely stop using Windows on my computer, I am going to review the desktop charting software called TradeInterceptor.  A few months back, I reviewed the TradeInterceptor mobile app and it has become my favorite app for forex charting.

The desktop version of TradeInterceptor is the only free contender to Metatrader that I know about right now.  Sure, there are other great trading, charting and backtesting platforms out there…but you have to put up some money to get them.  When it comes to $FREE.99, Metatrader has been the gold standard for a long time.

But TradeInterceptor promises a couple of distinct advantages.  First, it can be run on Windows, OS X and Linux.  Second, it promises manual backtesting capability.  Metatrader does automated backtesting, but you have to get Forex Tester to do manual backtesting.

Anyway, I recently installed it and here are my initial impressions…

Do you know of any free Metatrader alternatives?  Let us know by commenting below…



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  1. says

    Ehh Such a review. I have been using tradeinterceptor for about more than a year ago. The Ipad app is just awesome, it it so good that i use it as an additional screen.
    The desktop add has a very interesting and actually a very powerful feature: the trend scanner. It not only scans the market for potential entry signals but also displays the Risk-Reward to that signal. It is sort of a unique feature. I know a few scanners (prorealtime has a nice one for example)
    like at the moment of this writing (see date) it shows me a long entry at NZDCHF with potential target to 0.7740 and with a stopjust a few pips below current priice 0.7610.. RR is about 24-25.. not bad huh.. of course the decision to catch that falling knife remains mine :)

    have a nice day

    p.s.: I would rather buy that NZDCHF @0.758.. but I am too mean to my broker :)

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your experiences Janos. I really like the iPad app also. I’ve found that the indicators don’t quite show up the same as on Metatrader, so that is something that I’m watching. Other than that, it is a great program and I’m excited to see where it goes.

      Have a great weekend!


  2. says

    Thanks for the review Kimura, I’m a mac convert, and hate using my PC for anything other than what my mac can’t do, and look forward to testing out other trading software that I can use on the mac, and my mobile.