Closed Trades Review For September To November 2012

It’s been awhile since I did a review of my trades, so I figured that it is a perfect time to catch up. September through November has been a busy time for me.  I moved house once and am getting ready to move again.  On top of that, I’m working on a complete redesign of this website, as well the the long talked about trading community…yeah it’s finally coming together.

But that is what happens, sometimes we get sidetracked, but we have to do our best to stay focused.  Here is the video review of my trades during the past few months.

In previous month end trading reviews, I would detail how I traded and what the setup was.  Since this method, nicknamed The Boss, is a method that I learned from someone in a paid course, I cannot reveal how the setup works.  But I can show you my results from my verified MyFxBook account.

Here is a review of the trades:

 The final results are as follows:

  • September: -0.23%
  • October:  -0.7%
  • November:  -0.16%

As of the close of market today, I have 6 positions open.  The total risk is less than 1% for all 6 positions and 4 are at breakeven.  If you want to see how the trades close, follow @TradingHeroes on Twitter.  MyFxBook automatically sends out a Tweet when one of my trades close, so you can see the results as soon as they are posted.

I hope your trading is going well and have a great weekend!


— Hugh



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  1. Dong says

    Hi Hugh,

    Just found out about you a week ago. Listened and watched the interniews twice for every pro trader. One word, AMAZING! Two words, FREAKING AMAZING! Keep up the great work man.

    I started thinking about and looking at doing Forex as a living a few months ago, but never could make that tough call. I can now as the lifestyle and the financial freedom is truly my ultimate goals. It is interesting that quite a few interviewees, like Water, Lori, Lynette, Jess, Adam are actual Aussies or live in Australia (BTW, I am in Sydney too). Are you honestly not having a secret plan to come down here? HAHA

    Again, good job man, not a lot of people are doing this, I enjoyed and learned from it. Wish you have a Merry Xmas and have more positive pips in 2013.

    • says

      Hi Dong,

      Awesome, glad you liked them! I hope to get back to the Podcasts soon.

      Haha, you are like the third person who has accused me of secretly wanting to be Aussie. Maybe it is true…on a subconscious level, LOL. Maybe something in the water makes people trade better there.

      Well, I appreciate you dropping me a comment. Happy Holidays and kick ass in 2013!


  2. Tutu says

    OMG!! I give it a try and let me tell you that application is amazing. I’ve been struggling with journals and stuff that took so much time. Entering the data manually take forever. But with myfxbook is so easy. Thank you for posting it. I just so what I was doing wrong.
    Now I have another thing for my trading list: Hector Trader course, forex tester and now myfxbook. I agree with you backtesting and a good strategies are fundamentals for the retail trader. Thank you so much and nice to meet you. BYEE!!!

    • says

      Hi Tutu,

      Of course nothing on the internet is 100% safe, but yes, it’s pretty safe because it uses the investor password to access your data. This is “read only”, so it cannot do anything in your account, just read the results. Last I checked, you had to use MT4, but they may have started doing some direct access…you would have to check and it depends on your broker.

  3. says


    That is great. Even at losses that is less then 6% which is the redline for most traders. You are doing fine. After all Warren Buffet claim to success was never to lose money and the 2nd rule was not to forget rule number 1.

    You are doing fine. Keep up with the podcast. Btw your photo graphical skills aint bad. How about some bikini shot?


  4. says

    The Boss looks promising, small losses and big wins. Just curious, what made you decide to scale down to less than 0.5% in Aug? Is that part of the system?

    • says

      It is part of the system, as it is taught. I was used to risking 1%, so that is how I started out. I still might go back to it, but it will require more testing. Better to keep risk low for now.