I Just Did The Unthinkable

by Hugh Kimura on March 23, 2011 · My Trading

For about the last three years, I have been trading the same $2,000.  It’s been a little more at times and sometimes a little less, but my breakeven trading has allowed me to keep this money intact.

During this time, I protected my trading stake at all costs.  I felt like this was my ticket, everything that I have ever dreamed of and worked for.

But did something today that I would have never done a few months ago…I cashed out my trading account.  I left 10% of it in there so that I wouldn’t have to go through opening a new account again but for all intents, the account is now impotent.

It will go towards Operation Debt Bomb and thankfully, I will be able to reach my first goal right away.  I feel really good about this.

When I am finally able to pay off my debt, it will be easy to start up another account with much more than $2,000.  I’m not worried.


My Backtesting LogJust because I cashed out my account, doesn’t mean I’m not moving forward as a trader.  I finally put things together and I am recording all of my backtesting in an online journal.

This means I log every trade and every month, just as if I was trading live.  I would like to build a community of traders who share their backtesting results and help each other become better traders.

I was thinking about using the blog format, but I decided that the forum format would be better for this project.  This way, I can start a separate forum for each trading strategy to be tested.

Then from there, I create sub-forums to track the performance of each month and each variation of the trade.  Learning how to use the program has been slow since there are a ton of features.

I will release more information as the project gets closer to launch in about a month or so.  I will also start to share parts of my backtesting results, so stay tuned!

About The Author: Hugh Kimura
Hi, I'm Hugh Kimura and my mission is provide you with the very best information about trading and living better through research and my own personal experience. You can also follow me on Twitter and Google+. Note: All information is for entertainment and education only and is not investment or trading advice.

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