I Just Did The Unthinkable

For about the last three years, I have been trading the same $2,000.  It’s been a little more at times and sometimes a little less, but my breakeven trading has allowed me to keep this money intact.

During this time, I protected my trading stake at all costs.  I felt like this was my ticket, everything that I have ever dreamed of and worked for.

But did something today that I would have never done a few months ago…I cashed out my trading account.  I left 10% of it in there so that I wouldn’t have to go through opening a new account again but for all intents, the account is now impotent.

It will go towards Operation Debt Bomb and thankfully, I will be able to reach my first goal right away.  I feel really good about this.

When I am finally able to pay off my debt, it will be easy to start up another account with much more than $2,000.  I’m not worried.


My Backtesting LogJust because I cashed out my account, doesn’t mean I’m not moving forward as a trader.  I finally put things together and I am recording all of my backtesting in an online journal.

This means I log every trade and every month, just as if I was trading live.  I would like to build a community of traders who share their backtesting results and help each other become better traders.

I was thinking about using the blog format, but I decided that the forum format would be better for this project.  This way, I can start a separate forum for each trading strategy to be tested.

Then from there, I create sub-forums to track the performance of each month and each variation of the trade.  Learning how to use the program has been slow since there are a ton of features.

I will release more information as the project gets closer to launch in about a month or so.  I will also start to share parts of my backtesting results, so stay tuned!