I Reflect on 2012 and Look Forward to 2013

Last year was an awesome year here at Trading Heroes.  It was a year where I really reflected on what I want the future to look like and how I am going to get there.  The decisions that I made were swift, but the development of some of my ideas took up the better part of the year.

Here are some of the highlights of the year and what is store for 2013…

I Killed a Green Fairy

I wrote about Green Fairies awhile back, but I still had another one to get rid of.  They are quite pesky.  You see, I had lost focus with this blog and I started another one…I guess you could say out of boredom and a desire to diversify my income.

But that is not what I really wanted to do.

And I found out first hand that the definition of diversification is being crappy at several different things.  It is easier to work on being less crappy at one thing than trying to double or triple my workload.

So what did I do?

I just deleted the other blog.  I didn’t save the posts or anything (although I had some requests to bring them back).  One night I realized that running that other blog was completely moronic, so I logged into the hosting account, deleted all the files and never looked back.

Not surprisingly, it was my best year at Trading Heroes yet.

Started a Podcast

January 2012 was the birth of The Trading Lifestyle Podcast.  I was a little apprehensive about it because I didn’t want to sound dumb on the internet.

In 2011, I started interviewing other traders, but only via text chat.  I managed to get Rudy Leder and Bubble Boy Trader.   Those were awesome interviews, but I knew that if I wanted to reach more people, I would have to do a audio and/or video podcast.

Then I realized that after making over 150 YouTube videos for The Trading Heroes Show and other channels, I had been sounding dumb on the interwebs for awhile now, so there was no point in stopping.

So I started with a couple of people that I already knew and traded full-time.  Those first few interviews were fun, but I had some serious work to do on my interview skills.

With each interview I did, I started to get better and I’m feeling a lot more comfortable doing them now.  The feedback from the interviews has been amazing, so I look forward to doing more of them.  You can check out the past episodes here or on iTunes.

My Trading

For the first half of 2012, I was trading the Wallaby system.  I backtested it and I knew that it was a viable system.  But I also didn’t feel like it was a method that fit my personality.  I started to feel that the drawdown was too high compared to the potential profit.  As you can see by the performance chart, it was too volatile.


So I started to look around another method.  I found #thebossfx method and traded it for the rest of the year.  After testing it and trading it for about six months, I feel that it has a permanent place in my trading arsenal.  I will reveal what it is soon, but you can see the most recent results here or by following @TradingHeroes on Twitter.

What’s in Store for 2013?

Now the fun part.

trading-meditationAs you might notice, I have made a few changes to the site earlier this month.  I wanted to clean it up and remove all the unnecessary clutter.  The new design has a better feel (I believe) and now works nicely on both mobile and desktop platforms.  There are still a couple of issues to fix with the new design, but I hope to have that worked out next week.

Going beyond just looks, I’m going be blogging more about how we can live healthier lives and how to improve our trading. Along those lines, I have just released The Trading Meditation.  It is quick non-religious audio recording that can help settle your mind before you trade.

I will also be concentrating a lot more on building trading strategies that work well.  Of course, I can’t guarantee results, but I think that there is a big void in the Forex market in terms of teaching people to test properly and refining trading methods at the same time.

More on that soon.  Anyway, enough about me, how about you…

What did you accomplish in 2012 and what are you looking forward to in 2013?  Leave a comment below…



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  1. says

    Hey there Hugh. Just came across your blog and great podcast. Have been dabbling with a demo account for about 2 years now but still not getting good results, so not ready for live yet. This year I hope to turn the corner on forex and start living the lifestyle I want – I believe the solution is out there I just have to develop it.
    Also a big fan of Rob Booker and this guy named Pat Flynn (not a forex guy, but your blog seems like a page right out of his playbook, do you follow him?). Anyway it seems like you and I might be on the same path (you farther along than me). But I’d love to keep a dialog going with you from time to time about all things forex if you are up to it. Best of luck to you and thanks again for your blog and podcast – I love those interviews.

    • says

      Hey John,

      Thanks for visiting and the kind words. Yeah, Rob is great…always a lot of fun to listen to him. I have learned a lot from Pat Flynn also, with regard to building a blog. He was the one who got me to start a Podcast.

      Well, I hope that my blog can help you get consistent…I totally know what you mean. Feel free to contact me via the contact link at the bottom of the page and that will email me directly. I would love to hear about what you are doing.