My Favorite Pens

I know.  This is a pretty random topic but over the years I have come to appreciate the value of a good pen.  I used to keep pens that ‘kind of’ worked just because I thought it would be a good idea to have as many pens around as possible.  How many times have you frantically searched for a pen while you were on the phone?

Along the same lines, I used to buy the cheapest pens I could find.  After awhile however,

I would get frustrated because a pen would die in the middle of a note or a pen would explode and leave ink all over the place.  Sound familiar?

So I started looking for a pen that would give me consistent results.  I tried high end pens, low end pens and everything in between.  The better pens were OK, but some of them still bled excessively or just didn’t feel right.

Then on a whim, I tried some pens at Office Max.  I dismissed them before because they looked like ‘poser’ pens.  You know, the ones that are cheaply made but try to look all fancy.

But come to find out, they are the best pens I have ever used.  They are not the cheapest pens, but at the same time, I think they are better than pens costing 20 times as much.  No bleeding on the paper, no ink pool at the bottom of my bag, just consistent results.  If I lose one, it’s no big deal because I didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of money on them.

I usually look for a sale and I pick up a bunch so I have some available.  Writing in my trading journal is so much easier since I discovered these pens.  I have had several complements on how good they are, which I thought was surprising.  Anyway, click here to find out which pens I like.

This is a strange topic, but I hope this helped some of you.  As traders, we usually do a fair amount of manual note taking but probably never give too much thought to the pens we use.

Hope your trading is going well!


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