How To Stop Carrying A Purse When Trading On-The-Go

Let’s face it guys, even if you call it a Murse, Satchel or European Shoulder Bag…the bottom line is that you are still carrying a damn purse. Of course there is nothing inherently wrong with that, if that is what you want to do.  *wink*

With electronics getting smaller and smaller (can you say iPad Mini?), the bag that we need to carry our trading equipment in is also shrinking quickly.  Gone are the days of bicep curls with your 50 pound laptop bag.  “One, two, three, fffffour…”

Don’t get me wrong, I love how easily I can pick up and trade from almost anywhere.  But I like to travel as light as possible and I hate carrying a bag….much less a purse.

So what is a 21st century Trader to do?

My solution

The way to ditch the purse is actually a fleece jacket/vest.  Ever since I bought it, I have been wearing it almost every day.

I originally got it for my trip to California, but it has been so useful that gave away almost all of my other sweaters and jackets.  Here is a picture of me wearing it in front of the Winchester Mystery House:

Hugh Kimura at the Winchester Mystery House

Wearing the Scottevest Fleece 5.0 at the Winchester Mystery House

“Wow you have a lot of crap in here!”

One evening, while walking through the streets of San Fransisco with my sister, it started getting cold.  I offered her the fleece and she felt better immediately.

Soon after putting it on, she was amazed at how much stuff I was carrying around in it.  Just by looking at it, she could not tell that I had all this with me:

Needless to say, my sister started to wonder if it was better to be cold, or continue to carry all my shit.  She opted to stay warm.

My favorite benefits

I really like the fact that I can take off the sleeves and use it as a vest.  I’ve been using it as a vest so much that there is a slight color difference between the sleeves and the vest part.  Oh well, I don’t mind.

The clear pockets on the inside are really useful for storing my phone and being able to rate Pandora songs without taking the phone out of my pocket.

What all this stuff in the pockets, you might think that the jacket would hang on your body funny, especially with the iPad in tow.  But with their Weight Management System, they have really figured out how to make the jacket fit well, even when you are carrying all your crap like Juan Valdez’s mule.

It also stores my headphones in their patented wire management system.  This keeps the headphones inside the fleece and runs the wire through the inside of the jacket to keep the wires out of the way.  So cool!

But by far, I really like the fact that I can hold an iPad or MacBook Air in the large pocket for easy transport.

Still not convinced?  Here are my 10 reasons why this jacket is better than carrying a purse:

What I don’t like

There is one small gripe that I have with the fleece.  When I put my hands in the side pockets, I can feel the cinch cord that is at the bottom of the jacket.  It is minor, but I hope they fixed it in the newer version.

So what is this amazing jacket called?

It is the Scottevest Fleece 5.0.  There is a newer version called the 7.0 Fleece which looks really cool, but I haven’t tried it.  Scott Jordan, CEO and Founder of Scottevest says that the 7.0 is so much better than the 5.0, that they skipped 6.0.  I’ll definitely get it a try when my 5.0 gets worn out.

If you want to check it out, you can find out all the details here.

Don’t forget, it makes a great gift for that mobile trader in your life.  :-)



Disclaimer: Yes, I do get a commission if you purchase through the links above.  But Dude, you won’t be wearing a purse anymore.  You’re welcome. 

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    Also for interview ideas; check out the robbins trading championship websites for top traders. Some of em may be willing to give an interview.

  2. FxSmurf says

    Hey man,
    I was in his ‘free’ webinar so I just thought it would be cool to hear about his travelling and what not.Plus I don’t have a freakin cool site like yours to ask him for an interview! But thanks anyway. rocks!

    • says

      It’s actually pretty good. It does a great job of distributing the weight. Wearing a bag would be the same weight, but all of it would be concentrated just on the strap, which will get really uncomfortable after a few hours.

  3. FxSmurf says

    nice stuff. I was just surfing and saw a comment of yours. Do you think you can interview that guy? I think he has something valid too in regards of trading.
    Thanks again Hugh!