Weekly Forex Trading Review 08/08/2009

I'm sure you have felt like this before

Well, this wasn’t a good week for me.  After coming off a great July, I tried to force trades and didn’t wait for good setups.  August is typically a more volatile month to begin with, which magnified the problem. Here are the trades for this week: http://www.tradingheroes.com/losing-trades/08032009-gbpjpy-trade (-107 pips) http://www.tradingheroes.com/losing-trades/08042009-gbpjpy-trade (-2 pips) http://www.tradingheroes.com/losing-trades/08042009-gbpjpy-trade-2 (-19 pips) […]

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July 2009 Week 5 Review

It was a good week, all winners and almost a 1% gain on the account balance.  I think I’m getting the hang of this thing.  If I pick good trades and play good defense while I’m in the trades, I know that I will at least trade at break even.  Now the key is to […]

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July 2009 Week 4 Review

A losing week but I ddin’t lose much on a dollar basis and I was actually positive in terms of pips per trade.  I can live with results like this. Here are the trades: http://www.tradingheroes.com/losing-trades/07192009-gbpjpy-trade (-54 pips) http://www.tradingheroes.com/winning-trades/07202009-gbpjpy-trade (+134 pips) http://www.tradingheroes.com/losing-trades/07232009-gbpjpy-trade-1 (-16 pips) Grand total: +64 pips Because of the lot sizes however, I was […]

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Weekly Forex Trading Review 07/18/2009

Concentrate Grasshopper

Woohoo, this was the best week in awhile!  Four trades and no losers, not too shabby.  Of course there is always room for improvement but I think this is a great starting point.  I need to be able to maximize winners and bring up the average profit on my winners. Here are the trades: http://www.tradingheroes.com/winning-trades/07132009-gbpjpy-trade […]

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