The ONE Thing You Can Do To Trade The AUDJPY More Profitably

by Hugh Kimura on November 13, 2012 · 13 comments · Trade Well

The AUDJPY has its own special characteristics

Each currency pair has a personality all its own.  Getting to know a pair takes time.  You need to spend quality time with it and observe it in real life conditions. Not unlike getting to know a new girlfriend.

In this post, I’m going to introduce you to a not-so-common way to maximize your profit from a well known characteristic of the AUDJPY.  But don’t take my word for it, always test it for yourself.

What the AUDJPY really wants to do…and why

The AUDJPY is the best pair for the carry trade because the interest rate difference between the two countries is the greatest, among the major currencies. It is called the carry  trade because you hold it or carry it for as long as possible to make money on the interest.

At the time this post was written, Australia has an interest rate of 3.25%.  At the other end of the spectrum, Japan has a current rate of 0.10%.

If you don’t know this already, this is the central bank interest rate, or the rate that the countries central (government) banks lend money to commercial banks.  When you are trading forex, this means that if you buy (or are long) a currency, you get paid that countries interest rate. Then of course, if you sell (or are short) a currency, you pay the going rate.

The bottom line is that the difference between what you pay and what you are paid gets added or subtracted from your account every trading day.  Since a lot of traders want to take advantage of the interest that they get by just buying and holding the currency pair, there is more of a bias to the long side.  That means you are buying Australian Dollars and simultaneously selling Japanese Yen.

Therfore, the currency has a strong long (upward) bias.  Most traders know this, but they still trade the AUDJPY just like any other currency pair.

How this can help you

Take any trading system that you have been testing or trading.  Backtest it on the AUDJPY, but only take the long trades on the first round.  Then on the second round, only trade the short signals.  Finally, do a third round with both long and short signals.

I did this with a couple of different strategies that I’m testing and the long trades did much better.  More details to come.  This may not be the case with every trading method, but it is definitely worth testing.

Such a simple concept, but it can make a huge difference in your results.

Can it be the only currency pair that you trade?

I personally believe that almost anything is possible when it comes to trading (except doubling your money every month with a trading robot).  If you work hard/smart enough, you can learn how to trade just one pair, or trade 25 pairs.

Chris Lori believes that the AUDJPY can be the only pair you need. It is his favorite currency pair and so much so, that he has created an entire course around it.

I purchased his course that is where I got the idea to test only long trades.  That is only part of the story however.  There are actually several characteristics that make this pair unique and a great candidate to be your sole trading pair.

The course comes with 3 physical DVDs in the mail.  That is just an introduction to the course and some basic concepts however, the rest of the material is available online.  The members only website has 18 more instructional videos plus 14 more market updates that Chris sends out from time to time.

Number 14 was actually uploaded yesterday.  Just like the rest of Chris’ material, this is an excellent course.

He really goes into what makes this pair tick and teaches you everything he knows about bank reports, key price levels and time of day patterns.

If you are looking to trade an additional currency pair or looking to simplify your life and only trade one pair, I would highly recommend this course.   To find out more about Chris, check out my interview…here.



Full disclosure: I did get a discount on this course through my affiliate relationship with Chris and I do get a commission if you purchase through my links.  However, the money does go towards the down payment on my Porsche GT3 or my website hosting fees…whichever pops up first.  Oh yeah and I donate part of the money to my charity partner.  


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