TTL008 – How Lynette Allen Combines Minimalism, Line Charts And Only One Currency Pair To Trade For A Living


Lynette Allen

What I love about doing these Podcasts is finding out the real story behind how these Traders were able to break through and start trading full-time.  You rarely hear about these stories, especially if someone is just trading their own account.  A perfect example is today’s guest, Lynette Allen.  I originally heard about her through Adam Jowett and  soon after, I checked out her blog and started following her on Twitter.

The thing makes a blog really interesting to me, is if the author can put a unique spin on a topic.  The more unique the spin, the better.  Her blog falls into this category.

First off, she had more links to other types of blogs than links to trading blogs.  I found that refreshing.  In particular, she has a nice list of Minimalist blogs that she follows.  If you don’t know what Minimalism is, it is basically a way of living where you evaluate everything in your life and only keep what is essential and what you absolutely love.

She attributes part of her success in trading to this concept.  To find out more, check out her recommended sites in the show notes below.

The next things that stood out were that she is young (no, I’m not daft enough to ask her age) and that she trades off of line charts.   Interesting…

So I was really happy when she agreed to sit down with me and chat for a bit.  Just like the other Traders that I have talked to, Lynette truly loves trading and her story is very inspiring.  She is out to prove that you don’t need to be old or have a formal education to trade for a living.

I think you will really enjoy this episode!

Note: We did have a slight connection problem, but stick with it because there is a ton of excellent information.  

In This Episode:

  • How Timothy Sykes inspired Lynette to get started in trading
  • The top 2 traits that she feels people need to have to be a successful trader
  • Why she switched from trading stocks to Forex, even when she was trading stocks well
  • The time frames she trades on
  • What she does to make time to test and trade
  • Back testing or forward testing?
  • She makes a living only trading one currency pair, find out which one it is
  • The sign that she got to give full-time trading a chance
  • And more!

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If you have any questions for Lynette, feel free to ask them in the comments section or check the link to her blog in the resources section below.

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  1. Steve Marchant says

    i’m interested to see she is a pattern trader. If you can find repeatable patterns and then use good money management techniques to exploit those patterns then you’re onto a winner if the win loss ratio is a winner too. Her blog seems to have disappeared. Would be great if you had the full conversation written down somewhere as the for some reason the sound is atrocious on this particular interview.

    • says

      Yeah, too bad that the audio didn’t turn out too well. Her blog is back up if you are interested. Some big changes in her life, so interesting to see what happens next with her.