TTL003 – Ex-Olympian Chris Lori And How Sports Apply To Forex Trading


Trader and Mentor Chris Lori

Forex Trader Chris Lori

Today I am happy to have on the podcast, professional trader, Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), fund manager and Forex mentor Chris Lori.  I have known Chris for awhile now and when I first started to trade, he was instrumental in getting me started on the right foot.  Although I have been in contact with Chris via email over the years, I have never spoken to him in person, so I was excited to finally get to chat.

In addition to his accomplishments in trading, Chris also participated in four Olympic Winter Games as a member of the Canadian Bobsleigh Team.  He has won multiple Crystal Globes and World Cup Medals during his athletic career.

As I have written about before, the very first Forex trading course that I purchased was from an “educator” named Aden Rusfeldt.  It turns out that the course was a total scam and I completely wasted my money.

Chris’ course was the second education package that I picked up and I was a little skeptical at first and understandably so, based on my previous experience.  But as I went through the first few DVDs, I started to realize that what he was teaching was legit because I could see what he was talking about on the live charts and it make me look at the charts in a completely different way.

To this day, I still believe that his educational material on price action is one of the best on the market, especially for beginning Forex traders.  He trades almost solely on price action and his favorite pair is the AUD/JPY.  I just ordered his course on trading the AUD/JPY and I am interested to learn how he trades it during the Asian Session, which is typically a much lower volatility session.

Chris was in Western Australia during this interview, where he spends a lot of time.  That is the beauty of being an independent professional trader, you can pick up and work from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

I hope you enjoy this episode and if you have any questions for Chris, please leave them below!  Also be sure to check out the other interviews in The Trading Lifestyle podcast series.

In This Episode:

  • Find out if he thinks backtesting is worthwhile or not
  • How his athletic background made him a better trader
  • What Chris’ father did to help him become a currency trader
  • The age that he started trading and the exact timeline of his trading progress
  • How he built his trading stake
  • Advice that he has for traders who want to start managing money
  • What really exploded his trading results

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