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The Clock is Ticking...

You've always known that you are meant to have, be and experience more in your life. But day after day, you go to the same job, collect the same paycheck and wonder how you can break out of the cycle.

Years can go by, feeling like you're stuck in the same place. Tick-tock, tick-tock...


time is ticking


Since you're here, you probably see trading as a way to create more freedom and fulfilment for yourself. A way to break free from boring routines and step into resonance with what really excites you.

Trading can give you that life, but you need the right information, strategies and guidance to reach your full potential. This is what we love to help people with.

People just like you!

Happy Trader

Our Mission

We are passionate about helping you master your first profitable trading strategy because that will help you create more personal and financial freedom in your life.


Trading can also improve your life beyond your finances. It will challenge your mind, allow you to live and work anywhere in the world, and help you become the best version of yourself.


Our research group also provides timely analysis on potential trading and investment opportunities.


“Your Forex Strategy Development Course has added so much structure to the way I produce, test, and analyze a strategy. I definitely think it belongs on the TOP of the Forex trading courses list.”
Bryan Tenort

What We Do

Trading Systems Research

We test trading strategies and show you the results. This gives you a great starting point to develop your own trading strategy or improve an existing trading strategy that you are already trading.

Trading Software Tools and Plugins

We identify needs in the market and bring you tools like EAs and indicators for MetaTrader and other popular trading/charting platforms.

Trading Education

Our courses are the result of 15+ years of trading and working with aspiring traders. Learn trading strategies, upgrade your psychology and more!

Peak Performance Research

Trading is a performance sport. So we uncover, improve and share the most effective ways to get your mind and body in the best possible shape so you can perform at your full potential.

Investment Research

We look for the best potential investments in the Crypto, Stock and In-Real-Life (IRL) markets. Our team also tracks indicies and analyzes economic events.

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